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Our Vision is that men and women everywhere are empowered to make educated decisions along their journey toward optimal health.
Our Mission
Hormone imbalances, common in both men and women after periods of stress (both emotional and physical), are a normal aspect of aging. Poor nutrition, stress, lack of regular exercise and draining emotional situations can contribute to disruption of the hormonal system, resulting in imbalance and dysfunction. Replacing hormones to bring them back into balance can make remarkable changes in your health, vitality and energy levels. (more...)
What is Medical Thermal Imaging? Thermal Imaging is a phenomenal tool that provides earliest-possible identification and detection of many disease processes and risk factors. Prevention and even reversal of these disease processes or risk factors becomes a reality when this early identification is coupled with easy and effective interventions! Thermal Imaging is non-invasive and has no harmful side-effects. (more...)
Thyroid hormones regulate your body's metabolism, control the consumption of oxygen and the production of heat, and influence virtually every organ system in the body by telling organs how fast, slow or effective they should work. Thyroid Disorders can remain undetected, despite routine testing methods, and can severely affect metabolism and your overall health.
Chronic Health Conditions such as Thyroid Disorders, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Allergies, Depression, Adrenal Failure, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome (Insulin Resistance or Pre-Diabetes) are some of the conditions that can respond very well to an "Integrated" approach. Addressing the causes for the conditions or disease rather than just alleviating symptoms can provide very favorable long-term outcomes.
Women’s Annual Exams and PAP Smears are an important part of preventative healthcare, providing an opportunity for early identification of risk factors and/or disease. Select the menu item at the left of the page to learn more about an extremely valuable preventative healthcare tool, Medical Thermal Imaging, available to both men and women.
Lynn Chadd
About Lynn Chadd

Lynn Chadd has been involved in healthcare for over thirty years, since 1990 as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Lynn specializes in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement and Balancing as well as diagnosis and treatment of Thyroid Disorders, Chronic Health Conditions and Preventative Healthcare.


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